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Hill House



Here at Hill House Farm we only have one recipe and that’s to produce great food using high quality ingredients.  Only the free-range meat reared on our farm is used to make our products, which means we know the provenance of all our key ingredients.

As well as farming our land and our herds as naturally as possible, we also aim to make our produce as naturally as possible, to bring out the best of the raw ingredients.  The better the ingredients, the better the taste!

We sell pork and lamb joints, either as a quarter, half or whole order, we also cure our own bacon and have a variety of delicious Hill House Farm sausages made to our own special recipes.

We put a lot of thought into the ingredients we use, 'farm to fork', to bring out the flavour and make it the best it can be.  For example, we naturally cure our ham on the farm for 12 days and when it’s ready, we cook it in cider from the farm, a spoon of honey from our bees and add herbs grown in our vegetable garden, which is sealed and cooked in a vacuum bag for six hours to lock in the flavour.

All our award-wining products are made in our onsite food production unit and are sold locally within a 30 mile radius. Plus the Hill House Farm catering team is available to book for private dinner parties, events and weddings.