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Our 'farm to fork' rare breed pork and lamb is free range and home reared on our 17 hectare farm near Dorking, in the Surrey Hills.  We pride ourselves on creating high quality products from our Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Southdown sheep, with great provenance, a very short supply chain and low food miles.

We use our farm and facilities to create outstanding food which we sell locally, both direct to customers and trade.

Looking after the environment is very important to us and we aim to minimize our impact wherever possible. For example, we fertilise our pastures using pig manure, which contains naturally occurring nitrates rather than using synthetic nitrates or petrochemicals.  And when it comes to the pigs, nothing goes to waste, left over greens from the vegetable garden or apples from the orchard are a real treat!

As well as our pastures we also have 5 hectares of coppiced ancient woodland.  This area is home to a plethora of wildlife and by coppicing it, the trees are encouraged to re-generate and help evolve the area’s biodiversity.  We are very thoughtful about the number of trees we plant, what we plant and where we plant them, to actively maintain this area of ancient woodland.

OUR Pigs


Our Gloucester Old Spot herd now includes 14 pedigree sows and 2 boars called Boris and Rufus.  This lop-eared breed of pigs is very good-natured and more interested in rooting around the farm than exploring, unlike its prick eared relatives. 

We slowly rear each pig outdoors over 26 weeks, for longer and slower, to give it more flavor.  When we were researching what pigs to rear on the farm, we chose Gloucester Old Spot pigs as we felt they were the breed best suited to our land and also the best tasting!



We have over 60 Southdown sheep, in the Hill House flock.

This rare breed is indigenous to our part of the world and one of the oldest English sheep breeds in the UK.  Southdown sheep have been grazing the South Downs and the surrounding area for over 200 years. 

We chose to keep this breed of sheep not only because of their heritage, but also because of their docile nature, their small stature and because they are relatively straightforward breed to manage.